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Family with Alexis

(Left to right) Larissa, Antonio Jr., Alexis, Hannah, & Antonio Sr

Family with Alexis and food
(Left to right) Antonio Jr, Antonio Sr, Larissa, Hannah, & Alexis

hannah and I

Antonio Jr: Official Frosting Maker/Taster/Sales/Puppy Lover (Son)
Antonio Sr:
Bakery Muscle aka lifts the heavy stuff/Investor/Sales/Delivery/Taster (Dad)
: Gluten Free Baking Guru/Cake Design Wizard/Sales/Marketing (Mom)
Hannah: Our bakeries namesake/Revolutionist/Flavor Creator/Sales/Puppy Lover (Daughter)
Alexis: Sales & Marketing Manager/Bakery Assistant/Official Taster (Niece)

Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery began with a passion to bake delicious, home style, gluten free baked goodies for anyone with sensitivity to gluten and those who have chosen the gluten free lifestyle. We specialize in custom cakes, but we can bake just about anything. From soft croissants and hamburger buns to beautifully decorated custom cakes and cookies…we will satisfy your sweet tooth and help you maintain your healthy lifestyle!

Our philosophy

Love first. Bake second.

Why gluten free?

“I believe you might have Celiac Disease.” When I first heard my doctor say those words, my world came to an abrupt halt. Me? A person who has loved baking since I was six and learned to make my grandma’s tea cakes by age seven. Me? A person who loved through my kitchen? You’re telling me that I can no longer cook the things that my family and I have loved for generations? So…I got depressed…like really depressed.

One day, I decided to get off my bum and take some sort of action. I began experimenting with several different flour combinations…then, EUREKA! I found the perfect blend of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My first goal was to create gluten free cinnamon rolls…SUCCESS! I invited a friend and her gluten free family over to try them. Her words, “Mmmm Mmmm. La…Larissa. You’ve gotta sell these!” Of course, I thought she was just being nice. Even when I tasted my warm, sweet, buttery creation I still couldn’t believe I had done it. (Us women, we can be so critical of ourselves sometimes, can’t we?)

Three months later, I was laying in bed with my six-year-old Hannah Bear (Hannah B, Hannah B Nana, Nana, Nana Bear…she answers to all of these), and I asked her what she wanted to do with her life that would positively impact the world. Her response was, “I wanna start a bakery for people like me.” You see, Hannah (like me) not only has issues with gluten but she’s also allergic to nuts, some fruits, and several other foods.

The words of my sweet little girl coupled with the voice of my friends “You’ve gotta sell these” echoed within and with that, Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery was born! Now each and every one of you are the reason why we continue to do this! You, my friend, are our MOTIVATION!!!! So thank you! The smile on your faces as we watch you light-up to the realization that you CAN have Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Salted Caramel Chocolate and all your other fav’s—gluten free! We live for that moment when someone tastes our goodies and ask in all seriousness, “Is this really gluten free?” LOL. Of course it is silly! :)



Gloria Campos

I can testify to that! Moist and yummy!

Eric Nadel

This amazing lady makes the best gluten free treats I have ever had.

Doris Jessie

Not only does Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery make sweet cakes but she’s also one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She went above and beyond to take care of my needs and the finished product was perfect in every way. We will definately use their services again.

Carl Jessie

As a person with celiac, it’s hard sometimes to find people who actually know what that means and why it’s important. I received great service and everyone was so knowledgeable about what my needs were.

Anglean Wiley

Larissa!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding cake! We adore you and that beautiful little Hannah of yours!!

Kim Hildreth

 I’m not sensitive to gluten, and I’ve tasted enough gluten-free baked goods to be really glad about that! What I had tried prior to tasting Hannah’s Gluten Free treats were dry and heavy- which is why it was so hard to believe that anything gluten-free could be good as “regular”! Larissa has found the secret to making gluten-free also delicious! Kudos to them on keeping it organic as well!

Barbara Chandler

Hannah’s Gluten Free treats have made me a true believer in the possibilities of a dessert tasting great but be free of the bad ingredients that we’re accustomed to. I had a German chocolate sheet cake made for my grandparents anniversary and everyone at the event wanted to take the cake home for themselves after the first bites. Thanks for a surprisingly great tasting dessert. Be Blessed!

Diona J.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about trying Gluten Free anything let alone gluten free deserts…sweets are my absolute weakness!!! As a “sweet junkie” I am here to tell you that Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery by far has the absolute best treats around!!! My favs are the Chocolate White Chocolate, Strawberry Lemonade, & Red Velvet Cupcakes!

Laura DeMoss

Hannah’s catered dessert for about 100 guests at a charity event I helped put together. Not only did Larissa graciously jump into the event at the last minute, accommodating plenty of special requests without skipping a beat, the desserts (three kinds of cupcakes, cookies, and brownies) were absolutely fantastic and beautifully presented. Most of the guests didn’t realize they were gluten-free, but EVERYONE was raving about them. Larissa and Antonio were truly a joy to work with and I am thrilled to have found such a great local family-run business to suppemossort. I plan to order from Hannah’s in the future for charity events, birthdays, baby showers, teacher gifts…and whenever else I can find an excuse!




Mesquite Location Closed March 3rd-6th!      
1830 Range Drive, Suite #102
Mesquite, TX 75149
Phone: (469) 708-9864
NEW HOURS: Tues.-Fri. 10am-3pm & 4pm-6pm, Saturday 10am-3pm

Dallas Location (Weekend Pop-Up Shop)  Closed March 3rd-6th                                 

1010 S. Pearl Expressway (Dallas Farmers Market)
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (469) 708-9864
Hours: Sat. 9 am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm. We close once sold out at this location!

Frisco Location (Saturday Pop-Up Shop) COMING SOON!!!!

Coming soon to other locations near you…

Not all locations carry a full line of our products. Call us for more information. See ya soon!

Check The Pricing




$3.50 each/$36 doz

Round Cakes (2 Layer)

$25 and up

8″ Single Layer $25* (Serves 10)

8” $35* (Serves 14*)

9″ $42.50* (Serves 17*)

10” $52.50* (Serves 21*)

12” $70* (Serves 28*)

14” $102.50* (Serves 41*)

16″ $125* (Serves 50*)

Cake Slices $4-8*

*and up

(Vanilla cake only. More flavors, layers, sizes, and fillings available for a fee.)

Sheet Cakes

$60 and up

¼ $45 (and up)

½ $90 (and up)

Full $160 (and up)

Wedding Tastings


$30 each. This includes 4 flavor options. If you decide to use our bakery for your wedding cake, we’ll deduct the cost of you tasting (up to $60) from the total cost of you wedding cake costing $300 or more. Cakes over $300 are eligible to receive a free 4 inch cake on your first year anniversary!

Other sizes, shapes, and special creations available upon request. The life of your cake will depend on how you store it. Covered on counter top is best once cut or frozen.



Snicker Doodle $2 ea/$24 doz

Chocolate Chip $2 ea/$24 doz

Sugar $2ea/$24 doz

Oatmeal Raisin $2 ea/$24 doz

Decorated Sugar Cookies $3 ea/$36 doz*

Other Pastries & Treats

$1 and up

Donuts $1.50 ea/$18 doz

Apple Fritters $2 ea/$24 doz

Muffins $2 ea/$24 doz

Scones $3

Cresents Rolls $1.50 ea/$18 doz

Dinner Rolls $1.50/$18 doz

Kolaches Savory $5

Danishes (Vary) $3

Cinnamon Love Rolls $6 ea/$75 half sheet/Mini’s $25

5 Layer Brownies $4

Peach Cobbler Bar $4

Blackberry Cobbler Bar $4

Mini Bundt Cakes $5*

Banana Bread $4

Coffee Cake $4

Lemon Poppy Bread $4

*(and up)


Slicing/Serving Guide

Cake Cutting Guide

Shelf Life

Most of our products have a shelf life of at least 5 days. Some items like pastries or donuts have a shorter shelf life.


Our products should be stored sealed on counter top or frozen. Our products perform the same as their gluten counter parts and will harden if placed in the refrigerator for more than a couple of hours. Freezer or counter top is always best.

Fine Print

All orders require advance payment in order to get you on our baking schedule. Orders must be placed at least 7 days before your event or you will incur an additional $20 fee. Prices listed are for our basic cake design. Your order may be more depending on the design you want. Although we will do our best to create items similar to photos you send, we do not guarantee that your item will be an exact replica.

No refunds. No exchanges. No returns. No exceptions.

Our Skills



After all…our motto is “Love first. Bake second.” So, we go above and beyond to pour heaping helpings of love energy and giggles into everything we bake. It’s like a little love muffin!


If your special treat requires an extra special design, we will make sure you receive the perfect cake.

Creative Design

We go above and beyond to make each piece special. Whether a design you found online or a one of a kind original, you can be sure our design team can bring your vision to life…in cake form of course!

Contact Us


DALLAS – FORT WORTH (469) 708-9864

Email: order@HannahsGlutenFree.com

Main Bakeshop: 1830 Range Drive, Suite #102, Mesquite, TX 75181


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